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Summit Creek Legal Services, LLC



About Us

Summit Creek LS is based in Fayetteville, GA. We are a court reporting firm that delivers superior court reporting services and document management. We provide accurate transcripts, real-time, document repository, on-line billing, advanced scheduling, same- day notices (when available), and professional delivery.

I am a former paralegal with over 15 years of legal experience. I’ve worked with top-rated law firms in the State of Georgia. I’ve worked on complex litigation, bankruptcy, civil litigation, class-actions, torts, patent and trademark cases, labor and employment. So, you can rest assured that SCLS knows and understand legal terminology, the importance of deadlines, timely filed documents and accurate transcripts. We have a team that knows the dynamics of a case from start to finish. With the knowledge and experience, we provide accurate, timely and seamless transcripts. My office covers hearings, depositions, examinations under oath, meeting minutes, arbitrations, and all other meetings.
I am currently a member of GCCRA (Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association) and NVRA (National Verbatim Reporters Association).
If you enjoy experience, professional delivery, accurate and on time transcripts, meet me at the Summit by becoming a client of SCLS.

Please give us a call today and schedule your next hearing or deposition.

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