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Five Star Event Center

Five Star Event Center

Events Facility

About Us

We are committed to making your next event 5 STAR. We have 2000 sqft; 1500+ available for you and your guest, a kitchenette, a 8ft custom bar, and a 17ft stage with a Bluetooth speaker. We have the best upcharges including 360 automatic camera booth, up lights, a projector, 8 TVs, cylinder pedestals, grass wall, and much more.

We also offer soft mobile play parties and indoor video gaming parties (3 Xbox one, 3 PlayStation 4, 1 Nintendo switch, and a Wii U). We host parent nights out, gaming tournaments, movie nights, and much more.

We also host CPR and First Aid classes several times a month.

For a one stop shop and Five Star experience make sure to book your next birthday party, baby shower, dinner party, bridal shower, engagement party, wedding reception, graduation party, pop up shop, meeting, corporate events, poetry night, art exhibit, repast, wedding, fashion show, photo shoot, music video, band rehearsal, podcast, concert, comedy show, soft mobile play party, video game party, etc with us.



A view from the stage looking out
Our custom build bar
We have 8 TVs and a projector
Host your next toddler party with us
We have a variety of throne chairs
Let our 360 camera provide your guest with loads of fun
Host your child’s next video gaming party
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Rep/Contact Info

Ms. Bryana Littlejohn

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