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Alo Farms, LLC

Alo Farms, LLC

Market: Fruit/Vegetable

About Us

Why Alo.
Our produce is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, and is free of heavy metals, and mercury. Being Local ensures that the produce you get is fresh and retains its nutrient density. Not to mention it tastes great and is better than organic.

Our fish are hand raised in an ethical, sustainable, and responsible living ecosystem. We utilize healthy and appropriate stocking densities of the fish so that they can thrive. We take great care in connecting with our fish, keeping their tanks clean, and their environment one suitable to make them “happy”. We filter the county municipal water, making the water they live in “cleaner than what you drink out of the tap”. Their water is free of heavy metals, mercury, leads, plastics, or other toxins. We feed them certified non-GMO feed that we add beta glucans to boost their immune system and has the ideal fat/protein ratios for them to grow and thrive. In our ecosystem we have no negative bioaccumulation of toxins, metals, or microplastics. When it comes time to harvest our fish they are humanly taken through our unique purge process with minimal stress to the fish.


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