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Roosters Men's Grooming Center

Roosters Men's Grooming Center

Hair Salon

About Us

The barbershop was an American cultural icon from the early nineteenth century through the late 1960s. For generations, men went to barbershops for a fine haircut and to enjoy great conversations with the barber and fellow clients. Barbers were held in as high esteem as doctors, growing strong, personal relationships with their clients that lasted a lifetime.

As men's style changed, the unisex craze swept across America and barbershops almost disappeared. Men's choices were limited to salons that were devoid of everything they enjoyed about getting a haircut. Interesting conversation and personal relationships were replaced by cold plastic seats, unpleasant chemical smells and awkward periods of silence. Stylists often clipped away at lightning speed to move from one client to the next as quickly as possible.

In 1999, Joe Grondin, a Master Barber with over 30 years' experience, opened the first Roosters in Lapeer, Michigan. His goal was to step back in time and re-establish the traditional men's Grooming Center. Roosters would be a real barbershop committed to the best in men's personal grooming. The first thing we want our guests to know when they open the door is ''men are the priority here''.

From the moment our clients arrive, it's as though they have stepped back in time to a simpler way of life. At Roosters, we get back to basics, encouraging our clients to relax and unwind in an atmosphere reminiscent of the past, where the pace is slower and meeting the unique needs of each Roosters client is our first priority.

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Our Barber Chairs are oversized and very comfortable while you relax!
The Shop features 6 stations!
Look out for our newest addition: New Window Decals!
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