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IV Technician/RN/Paramedic/Infusion Specialist

Posted: 05/17/2023

The Infusion Specialist will operate an infusion clinic to administer on an outpatient basis, providing infusion therapies, monitoring, and recording results for the physician/ physician assistant. This position involves taking and recording vital signs. This position will also coordinate services with lab and other entities participating in patients' care.


- Receives orders from physician/ physician assistant and schedules appointments for patients.

- Receives patients, explains procedures, checks vital signs, and administers therapy, monitors reactions, and reports to physician/ physician assistant.

- Deal with emergencies (with outside assistance) if required.
- Provides such Vitamin infusion treatments as hydration and administering drugs and Injections.
- Keeps records for physician/ physician assistant and billing purposes.

Required Skills/Abilities:
- Organized manner to maintain schedule and generate reports in a timely fashion.
- Reassuring manner in dealing with patients of all ages.
- Confidence in working alone and in a team setting.- Proficiency in EMR Systems.

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